Omogolo Wildlife Trust has donated 2,000 USD for the care of Juwa, an orphaned chimp that was confiscated by the DRC authorities on April 7th.

Juwa was malnourished and had lived in a dark room for a long time. He is now in the caring hands of the Lwiro center and is enjoying the sunshine and the green grass. The donation will pay for Juwa's medical costs, his milk and feed for a period of three years.

The Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center (CRPL) is situated at the border of Kahuzi Biéga National Park in DRC Congo.

During the war, a lot of chimpanzees and other primates fell victim to poaching. Adults were shot for the meat and the traumatized babies were captured to be sold as a pet, often living solitary and in horrible conditions.

After the war, orphaned chimps started being confiscated by government officials. The center aims to re-integrate these orphans into family groups, give them long-term care (physical and psychological) and eventually introduce them back into their natural habitat.

The Eastern Chimpanzee is classified as Endangered Species (IUCN Red List). Lwiro currently houses 68 chimpanzees and 75 other primates. They live in a semi-wild environment where a team of veterinarians, keepers and guides teaches them to re-adept to a life in nature.

Local communities are involved in terms of education, health and improved livelihood. Food  and supplies for the project are bought locally.

Capital funding takes care of the bigger investments such as the construction of new enclosures to accommodate the continuing arrival of orphans. The problem is the funding for the daily

running costs – medication and food for the animals. Especially the care of baby chimpanzees is expensive because they usually arrive in bad condition and need special care to recover.


A lot of time is spent on detraumatizing and socializing the chimps.

The chimps are sometimes found in horrible conditions

It's not only chimps at Lwiro... All primates are taken care of, and sometimes other orphaned or injured animals...

This is Juwa. He had spent months in a dark room before he was confiscated in a joint action of CRPL and ICCN and was severely malnourished.