Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch is home of Uganda’s rhino breeding program to re-introduce rhinos that became extinct in Uganda in the early eighties.

In 2005/2006 eight rhinos were brought into Uganda with the help of a number of donors. Two of them went to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center as phase I of the reintroduction program - Education and Awareness raising. Six rhinos went to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - a 7000 ha electric fenced area in Nakasongola district along the road between Kampala and Murchison Falls National Park.

The group of initially six rhinos - 3 males and 3 females - has grown to over 30 rhinos now, an excellent result in terms of rhino breeding.

Visitors of the sanctuary can enjoy observing the rhinos by tracking them on foot, accompanied by rangers.

Omogolo Wildlife Trust is supporting the rhinos at Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch, to assist in providing the very necessary security for the rhinos.

With the ongoing poaching problem in Africa, the ranger patrols are extremely important to prevent poachers entering the sanctuary and to monitor the rhino groups.

Modern and good working equipment is a necessity: think of (GPS) radios and transport for the rangers, a reliable electric fence. But also education and community conservation plays an important role, to ensure the future of the rhinos in Uganda!

No rhino has been poached in Uganda since the reintroduction program has started and we are eager to help in keeping the sanctuary safe!

Help us supporting Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary! Remember that 100% of your donation will go to the sanctuary!


Capture of 4 rhinos at Solio, Kenya (February 2005)

Introducing them to Ziwa in the boma

Implanting transmitters...

Exploring the sanctuary

Exploring each other!

Tracking the rhinos

The 2 Disney rhinos arrive at Entebbe airport

Born in March 2016

Male calf of Kori - November 2021

Male calf of Kori - November 2021